The thickness of the three-sided billboard material is actually a basic standard


When choosing products, many people feel the same, but the key is the stability and durability of different materials. The general materials are aluminum alloy, and some are steel. This is not very good. The thickness of the material is actually a basic standard. However, in order to save costs, many businesses have reduced the thickness of the required materials, which may lead to problems in the rolling of three-sided overturning in the later stage. Attention must be paid to this aspect.

Second: budget well in advance

Budget well in advance and consider all aspects comprehensively. The steel structure support shall be provided with stable upper and lower walkways and widened as much as possible; Install the sunshade back panel; Determine the material and density according to the manufacturer's requirements.

Third: site selection

The location of outdoor advertisements determines everything, especially the use of three-sided flips.

Your advertising location should be

1. Open advertising space and dense traffic

2. The advertising space is perpendicular to the road

3. Advertising space in special environment

4. Expressway advertising space with slow traffic flow

5. The highway advertising space has a wide view, and the road is long and straight

6. Station and airport hall

7. Advertising space inside and outside large shopping malls and commercial streets