Shelter spring maintenance precautions


1. Clean and maintain

Spring is the season of nature's revival, and it is also a good time for bus shelters to be cleaned and maintained. The first thing to do is to clean the rubbish inside and outside the bus shelter. Be safe when cleaning, and choose safe and reliable tools such as brooms, mops, etc. When cleaning should be careful not to damage the shelter internal facilities and decoration. At the same time, but also the bus shelter inside and outside the glass, door, wall cleaning and wiping. This not only keeps the shelter clean, but also makes it more comfortable for people to wait for transport to arrive.

2. Check facilities

The interior facilities of bus shelter are an important part to ensure the safety and comfort of public transport. Spring maintenance, must check and maintain the shelter internal facilities. For example, seats, lights, electric fans, water jets, etc. The seat needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, as well as checked for breakage or deformation, and replaced if necessary. Lights and electric fans are essential facilities in the bus shelter, need to check whether they work properly, if there is a fault need to be repaired or replaced in time. Water sprinklers should be checked regularly to ensure proper operation and avoid problems during summer use.

3. Maintain ventilation

The mild weather in spring makes it a good time to ventilate the bus shelter. Shelter ventilation can increase air circulation, improve the waiting environment, and keep the air fresh. When ventilation is carried out, attention should be paid to the internal temperature and humidity of the bus shelter to avoid damage to the internal facilities of the vehicle. In addition, the spring season humidity is high, but also need to pay attention to avoid shelter wall, ground water, avoid slipping and equipment damage.

4. Check security

The safety of bus shelters is an important responsibility to protect the public interest. Spring maintenance, must check and maintain the safety of the shelter. First of all, check the ground of the bus shelter, whether there is damage, cracks and other problems, if necessary, timely repair. In addition, the bus shelter wire and electrical equipment also need to check whether normal work, if there are problems need timely maintenance. In addition, fire equipment should be checked and replaced regularly to ensure the safety of the bus shelter.