How to choose the bus shelter style


There are more and more bus shelter renovation projects. Many cities are struggling with the choice of bus shelter style in planning. Let's analyze common styles

1. Simple shelter

First of all, in cities, we may often see simple waiting booths, simple and generous, suitable for use in various scenarios.

There are also many choices for the material of simple protective cover, including stainless steel protective cover, aluminum protective cover, galvanized steel protective cover, etc.

2. Antique bus shelter

This antique bus shelter is more suitable for cities and roads with strong classical culture. It has the temperament of traditional classical culture and highlights urban culture.

3. Smart refuge

Intelligent bus shelters are an indispensable part of the advanced deployment of future urban development. Now we are entering the era of the metauniverse, and intelligence and intelligent products are emerging one after another. The deployment of intelligent bus shelters in cities must also be considered.

The above types of bus shelters are only a part of them, and there are more and more styles. In addition, if you don't like the style of the bus shelter, we can also customize the design according to the characteristics of the city or your needs until you are satisfied.