Antique bus pavilion design is unique and more attractive


Unlike ordinary bus shelters, the most striking enemy of antique bus shelters is its unique design, which incorporates a large number of classical elements. Compared with ordinary bus shelters, it has more ornamental and landscape value, and is a very representative element in urban planning projects. In some historical cities with a long culture, antique bus shelters full of classical charm are often used. In some cities with antiquity and rich ancient buildings, antique bus shelters are more and more widely used, because they can better integrate into the atmosphere of the city, more harmonious and unified, and will not appear incompatible with the style of the whole city. It is one of the important carriers to enhance the city image.

However, both ordinary and antique bus shelters are an indispensable part of urban infrastructure. Their most direct role is to provide convenience for pedestrians. Compared with the ordinary glass bus shelter, the antique bus shelter has another obvious advantage: it is more durable, and its most important advantage is that it is not fragile. In addition to being a necessary public facility, it also has an important significance, that is, it can be used for advertising. Because of its exquisite design, antique bus shelters often attract the attention of many passers-by. Therefore, advertising on it will certainly achieve good promotion results.